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Taking advantage of this mandatory unpaid time off (aka “lapse in appropriations” because we’re not allowed to say the words $hutdown or 4lough). So I’m unpacking the rest of our boxes, cooking things from Pinterest, and unearthing five-year knitting projects.


"Whenever I did a show in the park, Doris would come over and watch for a bit. Then one day, she came up to me, and without having ever spoken to me, handed me a clipping of an article that she’d found about me in The Villager. I thought that was the nicest thing. So I took a photo with her, printed it out, and gave it to her the next day. Then the NEXT day, she brings me ANOTHER set of articles about marionettes. At this point, I’d really started to fall for her. So I thought: ‘Doris keeps one-upping me. So I’ve got to do something really, really nice for her.’”

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